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TV Installations



UHDTVs and Projectors are the latest products for your home or business! UHDTV’s and Projectors  provide incredible clarity for either your business presentations or watching the blockbuster movies with your family. UHDTV and Projector installations has many particular issues that only a professional installer can handle.


To fully understand the complexities of a UHDTV and Projector installation, imagine your current tv setup. It is probably in an entertainment center with all of the electric cords neatly tucked behind it. Now imagine a UHDTV or Projector mounted to the wall or ceiling with all of the cables and wires hanging to the ground. Not very attractive!


The professional Installers at Tailored Installations will work within your budget and provide you with the best products and services for the dollar. Our professional installers will create an installation that will hide all of the wiring and cables giving you a clean, professional look.


Whether you are looking for a total installation package that includes a new UHDTV or Projector, or you just want someone to come to your home or office to install your tv that you already own, on the wall or ceiling, Tailored Installations office is the call to make. Our UHDTV and Projector installation will look exceptional and professional!



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